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Artist/Band: Gladys Knight
Lyrics for Song: Love Finds Its Own Way
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Gladys Knight

We've come a long way from nowhere

The road was often paved with tears and pain

Whenever I got lost you were always there

Through it all you never once complained

There were times I know you thought

The sun would never find us

Sometimes I felt that same way too

Now it looks as if all the hard times are behind us

One by one our dreams are coming true

(One by one, one by one)

Love finds its own way

Through the darkest night

Love finds its own way

It needs no guiding light

Whoa, oh, it only needs two people

With a dream and endless faith

And given time and a little patience

Love finds its own way

I know you must have pushed aside your feelings

When down inside you thought you'd fall apart

And if it hadn't been for your believin'

We might still be stumblin' in the dark

Now we're standing on the threshold of a new beginning

The doors of life are opened wide

For once in our lives we're finally winnin'

All because love is on our side

Love finds its own way

Through the darkest night

Love finds its own way

It needs no guiding light

Because love, love finds its own way

Through the darkest night

Love, love, love finds its own way

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Gladys Knight

Gladys Knight
"Other Songs - Gladys Knight"

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