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Artist/Band: Bing Crosby
Lyrics for Song: Some Enchanted Evening
Lyrics for Album: Centennial Collection 1903-1977 [2010]

Some enchanted evening

You may see a stranger,

You may see a stranger

Across a crowded room

And somehow you know,

You know even then

That somewhere you'll see her

Again and again.

Some enchanted evening

Someone may be laughin',

You may hear her laughin'

Across a crowded room

And night after night,

As strange as it seems

The sound of her laughter

Will sing in your dreams.

Who can explain it?

Who can tell you why?

Fools give you reasons,

Wise men never try.

Some enchanted evening

When you find your true love,

When you feel her call you

Across a crowded room,

Then fly to her side,

And make her your own

Or all through your life you

May dream all alone.

Once you have found her,

Never let her go.

Once you have found her,

Never let her go!

Album Lyrics: Centennial Collection 1903-1977 [2010]

Bing Crosby
"Centennial Collection 1903-1977 [2010]"

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