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Artist/Band: The Fairfield Four
Lyrics for Song: That Day Is Done
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - The Fairfield Four

I feel such sorrow, I feel such shame

I know I won't arrive on time

Before whatever out there is gone

What can I do, that day is done

It's just a promise that I made

I said I'd walk in her parade

Hot scalding tears I thought would flow

Still in my heart they'll never show


That day is done

That day is done

You know where I've gone I won't be coming back

That day is done

Well I recall the time and place

When they announced her precious face

I thought at once my heart would burst

Still every time is like the first

There was applause when she stepped up

I wished that I could interrupt

I made no sign, I made no sound

I know I must stay underground


That's why she walks, or so they say

She always knew just what I needed

Now if she would just look my way

One time before they proceed

She sprinkles flowers in the dirt

That's when a thrill becomes a hurt

I know I'll never see her face

She walks away from my resting place


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - The Fairfield Four

The Fairfield Four
"Other Songs - The Fairfield Four"

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3. That Day Is Done