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Artist/Band: Natalia Kills
Lyrics for Song: Outta Time
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Natalia Kills

Well in know you'd like to save me

But we're out of time

I try to write you a letter baby

But I'm out of lines

You though you could make me better

And it'd turn out right

You know I sound my soul to change it

But we're outta time

We've been driving down this road

Since I was 17

You could tear my heart like pages

In a magazine

And now your photograph is fading

And my bed is cold at night

And I wish that love could save us

But we're outta time

So don't regret me baby

When you're lying away tonight

You knew that I could hurt you

Then you said I was worth the fight

I know that you're not waiting

At the end of the telephone line

But I can't keep holding on

Cause we're outta time

If I had stopped the world from turning

Maybe I could change your mind

If you could stop my heart from burning

Then I take you home tonight

But I know that you're not waiting

At the end of the telephone line

And I wish I could take you back

But I'm outta time

Yeah I'm outta time

Oh, I'm outta time

Yeah we're outta time

I'm outta time

We're outta time

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Natalia Kills

Natalia Kills
"Other Songs - Natalia Kills"

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