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Artist/Band: Tony Rice
Lyrics for Song: Eight More Miles To Louisville
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Tony Rice

I've traveled over this country wide seeking fortune fair

Up and down the two coast lines I've traveled everywhere

From Portland East to Portland West back along the line

I'm going now to the place that's best that old hometown of mine

Chorus Eight more miles and Louisville will come into my view

Eight more miles on this old road and I'll never more be blue

I knew some day that I'd come back I knew it from the start

Eight more miles to Louisville the hometown of my heart

There's bound to be a gal somewhere that you like best of all

Mine lives down in Louisville she's long and she is tall

But she's the kind that you can't find a traveling through the land

I'm on my way this very day to win her heart and hand


Now I can picture in my mind a place we'll call our home

A humble little hut for two we'll never want to roam

The place that's right for that love sight is in those bluegrass hills

Where gently flows the Ohio by a place called Louisville

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Tony Rice

Tony Rice
"Other Songs - Tony Rice"

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