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Artist/Band: Kelly Joe Phelps
Lyrics for Song: Gold Tooth
Lyrics for Album: Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind [2005]

The air is turning cold outside

It's a rabbi in a brothel for the third time

The gold tooth of a broken man

A white glove in a purse down at the bottom of the sea

The day is turning dark outside

All aspiration face down in the street

A pro in the alley with a red-moon sky

The last drag of patience on a celibate cigar

The light is getting hot inside

It's a butcher in the slaughterhouse smiling

A mule with a razor and a swagger in his step

Ratboy in the corner taking a leak against the wall

My heart is turning black inside

Stealing from the army shaking bells at the door

A hand in a bucket of creosote

Rusty junkyard nails sticking straight up through the floor

The breath has gone away from this house

It's a dog in the car in the winter

A hotel window in a hurricane

A furnace exploding down in the cellar, by the jars

My dream will come back to this house

It's a kid who refuses to shut up

A sheep dog playing with 84 bones

A fast, red Ferrari in a sixteen-car garage

Let me keep my gold tooth

Let me keep my gold tooth

Album Lyrics: Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind [2005]

Kelly Joe Phelps
"Tap the Red Cane Whirlwind [2005]"

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