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[ More Kelly Joe Phelps lyrics ]
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Artist/Band: Kelly Joe Phelps
Lyrics for Song: Love Me Baby Blues
Lyrics for Album: Lead Me On [1994]

Drive down baby

Like showers of rain

Can't you hear my fair girl

Call my name

Can't you hear my fair girl call my name?

She calls so loud, it's so plain

I walked on down to the station

Had tears falling down

Got some news this morning

My baby, she left town;

She gone away

I got some bad news, man

My baby left town

She took my money

She got my clothes

Rolling down the road now baby

Why, the Lord knows

I know your going down the road

But I wonder why you go

Come on back, won't you love me again

Well my rooster crows in anger

You can hear him down in France

Why won't the other guy

Allow me no chance? No chance?

Why won't that guy allow me one more chance?

Treat me dirty

You treat me mean

I know baby you done me pain

Won't you come back home and

Love me again?

Come back home, why won't you love me again?

Come back home, why won't you love me again?

Love me again? Love me again?

Album Lyrics: Lead Me On [1994]

Kelly Joe Phelps
"Lead Me On [1994]"

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