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Artist/Band: Kelly Joe Phelps
Lyrics for Song: The Anvil
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Kelly Joe Phelps

There are some that blindly and happily plow

While the tractor screams "feed me some oil"

The scraping of gears and the gnashing of teeth fall

softly on full ahead ears

A frown may give away something right

A smile can hide crooked affairs

Sun on the back rings a workman's guffaw

It's all in the bag with the coins

Call me tomorrow, come over here

See if we can figure this out

There in an eye winking curiously

By the campground, the bedside nightstand

My leg bones feel weary yet walk on they will

Holding for wheels and gravy on a plate full of nothing

but shaking my head,

With a side bowl of nothing to do

Could be a time thing, could be a ruse

I will concede to confusion

Ideas spin 'round my crazy old head

Hard as (and light as) an anvil

The liver will wither and wax with the tide

Fine, if I can find the answer

To a question I've never been asked before

I hear time and time again

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Kelly Joe Phelps

Kelly Joe Phelps
"Other Songs - Kelly Joe Phelps"

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2. Hard Time Killing Floor Blues
3. The Anvil
4. The Black Crow Keeps Flying
5. Big Shaky
6. Handful Of Arrows
7. Red Light Nickel
8. Tight To The Jar