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Artist/Band: Scott Hamilton
Lyrics for Song: St. Louis Blues
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Scott Hamilton

I hate to see that evening sun go down

I hate to see that evening sun go down

Cause my baby, he's gone left this town

Feelin' tomorrow like I feel today

If I'm feelin' tomorrow like I feel today

I'll pack my truck and make my give-a-way

St. Louis woman with her diamond ring

Pulls that man around by her, if it wasn't for her and her

That man I love would have gone nowhere, nowhere

I got the St. Louis blues, blues as I can be

That man's got a heart like a rock cast in the sea

Or else he wouldn't have gone so far from me

I love my baby like a school boy loves his pie

Like a Kentucky colonel loves his mint 'n rye

I love my man till the day I die

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Scott Hamilton

Scott Hamilton
"Other Songs - Scott Hamilton"

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14. St. Louis Blues
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