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Artist/Band: Jimmy Witherspoon
Lyrics for Song: Going Down Slow
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Jimmy Witherspoon

Man, you know I've enjoyed things that kings and queens will never have

In fact, things kings and queens can't never get.

And they don't even know about it.

And good times? mmm....

I have had my fun

If I never get well no more

I have had my fun

If I never get well no more

Whoa, my health is fadin'

Oh yeah, I'm goin' down slow.

Now looky here.

I did not say I was a millionare.

But I said I have spent more money than a millionare.

Cause if I had kept all of the money I had already spent,

I'd woulda been a millionare a long time ago.

And women? Well, great googly moogly.

Please write my mama

Tell her the shape I'm in

Please write my mama

Tell her the shape I'm in

Tell her pray for me

Forgive me for my sins

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Jimmy Witherspoon

Jimmy Witherspoon
"Other Songs - Jimmy Witherspoon"

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13. Going Down Slow
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