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Artist/Band: Matthew Good
Lyrics for Song: Lights Of Endangered Species
Lyrics for Album: Lights of Endangered Species [2011]

Saw a magician cut you in half so bloodless

Daunted, I applauded

Looking around at all them eyeless faces

You crept into me and stood alone

Arms stretched out to nothing

Like the memory of something gone wrong

Slip the darkness down to the harbour

Feel your star dress, burn in the water

Forget your promise, turn out your light

Lay down and sleep tonight

Dream of your sons, dream of your daughters

Come back to you

Got my guns in a row

I got my boys to the shore

Not all but we'll stay here all day long

And get beat to shit for you

Get beat to shit for you

Spinning a right that was never far off wrong

So in pieces your sons and in pieces your daughters

Come back to you

Good morning beautiful

I've waited all my life

To watch you breathe in

Stand up and decide

To set something, anything, on fire

It's spilling over your shoulders

The dawn

Album Lyrics: Lights of Endangered Species [2011]

Matthew Good
"Lights of Endangered Species [2011]"

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