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Artist/Band: Bing Crosby
Lyrics for Song: Small Fry
Lyrics for Album: Golden Greats [2008]

Small fry, struttin by the pool room

Small fry, should be in the school room

My, my put down that cigarette

You ain't grown up high and mighty yet

Samll fry, dancin for a penny

Small fry, countin up how many

My, my just jlisten here to me

You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea

You practice peckin all day long to eome old radio song

Oh yes, oh yes, oh yes

You better listen to your (maw, pay)

and someday practice the law

and then you'll be a real success

Ys, small fry, (you) kissed the neighbor's daughter

Small fry, (should) stay in shallow water

Seems I should take you cross my knee

You ain't the biggest catfish in the sea

You've got your feet all soakin wet

You'll be the death of me yet

Oh me, oh my, small fry

Album Lyrics: Golden Greats [2008]

Bing Crosby
"Golden Greats [2008]"

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19. Small Fry