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Artist/Band: Fields Of The Nephilim
Lyrics for Song: Elizium
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Fields Of The Nephilim

"for her light" how lonely you are waiting at the sunday

park i'll elude you i will loose y

ou existing were no soul

apart you stand on a platform your effigy dissolves

in my hands when i feel like someone to lie on and i feel

like someone to rely on you can't wake up illusions born

of the air something seems so precious there i'll elude you


will loose you as rehersal of my despair when i feel like

someone to lie on and i feel like someone to die on you

can't wake up oh here me i'm what you have left here i am

in this necrologue of love "at the gates of silent memory"

-yes today life t

hat i knew so sick of all the people a

blind moon over to the window where the night has become

elizium for the sleepless souls and our days to come you

stand with dalila may be i'll just pass-away or

may be i'll stay but i feel alive with you and i fe

el some

kind of heaven when i feel deep inside her i feel some kind

of heaven hear me give me some kind of heaven come in

from the cold i'll owe you my heart be my shelter and

refuge for the night love of my life pour your light on the

faith i can fe

el make it real in her sleep "submission" it

moves between us for one moment like opium and your

heart we've remedys from the ancient gods to heal the

morals of our shadow devil come to me open up the door

lead me ciahra to the centre of it all she op

ened and cried

with arms outstretched lay down next to me come take

what's left she cried holding me someone's inside to cruel

to suffer for what she wants condensation on the windows

peering back at myself through the webs we have weaved

till this ra

diant morning somewhere else oh where have i

been where have i been her lips were hard my heaven is

cold let's loose her loosen up loose enough. "the souls of

those who quit the body violently are most pure.""such end

true lovers hath."


hat dreams may come) your tempting me to

all of life and all its pleasure take me to the dream to

the highs and the depths of my soul here we free thoughts

inside giving up for giving time but a world without end

where no soul can decend there will be

no sumertime how

lost lifes been afraid of working up so afraid to take the

dream shapes of angels the night casts lie dead but

dreaming in my past and their here they want to meet you

they want to play with you so take the dream can't break

free and

i hear them call they want top lange you their

here once more the want to lay with you they want to

take you to the shame of your past take the dream take me

lead me far away take me there i'll fade away but i can't

hide and i cannot die i take the d

ream we're but fools of

our fate on this earth i shall wait by the roots of my soul i

am loosing control take the dream the sleepers in you

shapes of angels so deep with in you feel your soul

drowning unloosen your soul drowning in waters of reality


ell me what is reality tell me tell me thought of god. do

dreams fall from god tell me what dreams may come

break free thoughts all gone we've all come down take me

there your my ticket out a here all come down take me out

a here take me there."wail

of sumer" you can see the earth

we're high here we're climbing over sumertown you can kiss

teh air we're gliding follow me for sumer land no sound

life no essence we lay enstranged in our curious ways

memorys lay beside us but i'm seeing through an age

who i

am through sumerland lead me taken from god forgivers

sent in to the dark to play from life here i lead them taken

away from where they layed getting old together to breath

myself free i'll stay we're high here forever no tomorrow

no today thro

ugh sumerland lead me."and there will your

heart be also" we must suffer to free our pain can you

help us to find our way your here to stay stay here in

paradise i'd end this moment to be with you through

morphic oceans i'd lay here with you only to st

ay stay here

in paradise only to stay son lonely from this maelstrom

free are you from this maelstrom to be with you

"we are the lost ones, in the company of bright angels"

"stay not on the pincipies with the dross of matter, for there is a place

for thy image in a realm ever splendered."(the chaldean oracles of zoroaster)

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Fields Of The Nephilim

Fields Of The Nephilim
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