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Artist/Band: Malfeitor
Lyrics for Song: Rex Bestia Fera
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Malfeitor

Come to me Lord of Darkness

Hear my voice, feel my blood

Raise me from human scum

Yours will be my law

Your black light is inside me, come with fire

And burn the flesh of the earth

Release the way that blinds my mind

Free me of the undevine!

Rex Bestia Fera

Hear my voice Lord of sorrow

King of blasphemy

Our dark legions now are one

In victory we stand

I demand to spread the rage of fire

Against Jesus Christ and humanity

Release the way that blinds our mind

Free us of the undevine!

Rex Bestia Fera

Tu es dux, te es omnium malum, tu es princeps

Mali generis, Tu es Bestia Fera

Regnator Inferni, impii defensor

Destructor soliorum

Patre Satane, rex hominum tremende

Induce me in Infernum

(Inside an) hellish vortex

I can nearly stand the pain

Spiritus magnus speak to me!

Faciei tuae sunt nox et horror

Cor tuum est sedes mali

Demiant sigilla supra pestes, adveniat mortis

Creator jurem taliones

Tecum omnes gladii Inferni

Credo in Satanam! Credo in Satanam!

Now you are inside me

And all around, I can fight!

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Malfeitor

"Other Songs - Malfeitor"

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2. Baphomet
3. Black Magic Mushrooms
4. Dark Saturnian Chaos
5. Down With Me
6. Dungeon
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8. In This Place Forever
9. Incubus
10. Into The Qliphot Of Golachab
11. Jesus Christi To The Lions
12. Mysterious, Mystical, Majestic
13. Promethean Fire
14. Rex Bestia Fera
15. The Other Half
16. Typhonian Gods
17. Unio Mystica Maxima
18. Void Of Voids