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Artist/Band: Robben Ford
Lyrics for Song: Mystic Mile
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Robben Ford

Somewhere over my left shoulder

There's a man who waits

He's always watching when I stumble

And he blinks when I hesitate

He's got a real strange sense of humor

He don't laugh and he don't cry

He's the mystic on the mystic mile

I had a dream of colors

And a world in a disarray

Someone peekin' 'round the corner

But I couldn't see his face

But he could see into my future

About my past he would only smile

He's a mystic on a mystic mile

Like a fish leaps from the water

Like a thief in the night

Like a road suddenly ending

There he's standing by the roadside

And he won't need no introduction

And he won't want to stop a while

He's the mystic on the mystic mile

He's the mystic on the mystic mile

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Robben Ford

Robben Ford
"Other Songs - Robben Ford"

1. (what's So Funny 'bout) Peace, Love And Understanding
2. Don't Let Me Be Understood
3. Don't Lose Your Faith In Me
4. Goin' Down Slow
5. Good Thing
6. I Don't Play
7. I Just Want To Make Love To You
8. I'm A Real Man
9. If
10. Loving Cup
11. Misdirected Blues
12. Moth To A Flame
13. My Love Will Never Die
14. Mystic Mile
15. Politician
16. Rugged Road
17. Running Out On Me
18. Say What's On Your Mind
19. St. James Infirmary
20. Strong Will To Live
21. Tell Me I'm Your Man
22. Think Twice
23. Tired Of Talking
24. You Got Me Knockin'