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Artist/Band: Robben Ford
Lyrics for Song: Top Of The Hill
Lyrics for Album: Authorized Bootleg [2005]

No need to hide it or to deny it

I'll never buy it 'cause I've learned your ways

Come hook or crook, you're gonna make it rich

You're gonna scratch it if you got the itch

And people will know your name

And they'll do your will at the top of your game

You're the man, yeah, the man on top of the hill

You like to tell me, things to compel me

You've got to sell me on your best intent

I know you're really after fortune and fame

And greed is greed by any other name

You'll get what you want I know

And have time to kill every place you go

You're the man, yeah, the man on top of the hill

You've got ambition, strong intuition

You're on a mission to be number one

What ever it takes to get what you deserve

No one can stand against that kind of nerve

And after they've nailed you in

They'll remember you still, the one who just had to win

He's the man, the man on top of the hill

You're the man, yeah, way up on top of the hill

Album Lyrics: Authorized Bootleg [2005]

Robben Ford
"Authorized Bootleg [2005]"

1. Chevrolet
2. Don't Let The Sun Catch You Crying
3. Top Of The Hill
4. When I Leave Here