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Artist/Band: Urban Dance Squad
Lyrics for Song: Nonstarter
Lyrics for Album: Planet Ultra [1999]

Check the pace

Where you used to pick up the pace

Headin' for collision like the dragrace

Remember situation nowhere

Some props "oh you're tops now, how you on there ?"

Used to stand in the corner, try to get warmer

Bustin' moves, routines, how to be the best performer

Eyeballin', standin' tall and steady, yes y'all'n

Vocation, what yo facin', claimin' it's your call and

Here you'd go, rhymeflow, versatile steelo

More finesse on vocab, like you would perfect the electro

Boogie rookie ! the regular transform to the swivy

Chiefrock on the flock, status becomin' heavy

Always feel the breath of the ones behind you left as a peer

Prize in front hunger overcomes if the mind ain't clear

Runner up, it's a runner up

Now, best slow down, like the b in brand nuby

Fame penetrates, then fades, like the life of jack ruby

Succes is a carcass, rottin' like leftover

One day happy as clover, next day flash in the pan, move it over

Then flavor is a major, not the real survivor

Eat a dish, prepare another, stay alive

Revolution's a solution when the peeps dig the contribution

Hit by confusion, seclusion, makes it only amusing

Runner up, it's a runner up

Album Lyrics: Planet Ultra [1999]

Urban Dance Squad
"Planet Ultra [1999]"

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