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Artist/Band: Engine
Lyrics for Song: Come On
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Engine

You're a freak, sweet freak

You like to play

Hypnotic, erotic, sexy little games

You like to play

Just look at you

All those subtle little movements

You like to play

Baby believe me when I say

I just love to play with you.

Come on come on girl

Come on come on girl

Come on come on girl

Come here baby

I can't stand it, I can't much more

The way you dance, oh baby

You move your body like you're teasing me

Oh baby, ah baby

I'll love you day and night

I'm with you wrong or right

I'll keep you satisfied cause satisfaction's guaranteed

Girl I need your love

Just give me all your love

Love you, oh baby, oh right now

Right here baby

There's no other like you in this world

Oh no baby, nah baby

You're so pretty I could eat you girl

Don't stop baby, ahh baby

I love you night and day

In this all the way

My love will always be satisfaction guaranteed

Oh baby, sure enough

You mean that much to me

Oh baby, sure enough you mean that much to me

Girl I need you to give me all your love

Love you oh baby, oh right here

Right now

Come on come on girl

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Engine

"Other Songs - Engine"

1. Come On
2. Falling Star
3. Getting Away From It All
4. Losing Ground