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Artist/Band: Stars At Studio 99
Lyrics for Song: I Will Always Love You
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Stars At Studio 99

If I should stay

Well, I would only be in your way

And so I'll go, but yet I know

That I'll think of you each step of my way

And I will always love you

I will always love you

Bitter-sweet memories

That's all I have, and all I'm taking with me

Good-bye, oh, please don't cry

Cause we both know that I'm not

What you need

I will always love you

I will always love you

And I hope life, will treat you kind

And I hope that you have all

That you ever dreamed of

Oh, I do wish you joy

And I wish you happiness

But above all this

I wish you love

I love you, I will always love

I, I will always, always love you

I will always love you

I will always love you

I will always love you

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Stars At Studio 99

Stars At Studio 99
"Other Songs - Stars At Studio 99"

1. Happy Birthday Sweet Sixteen
2. Thank You For The Music
3. (i've Had) The Time Of My Life
4. (shake Shake Shake) Shake Your Booty
5. Against All Odds
6. Another Day In Paradise
7. Best Of My Love
8. Big Star
9. Blue Moon
10. Brick House
11. Come Together
12. Glory Of Love [From Karate Kid II]
13. Groovy Kind Of Love
14. I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do, I Do
15. I Will Always Love You
16. I'll Cry Instead
17. Iris [From City Of Angels]
18. Knowing Me, Knowing You
19. Land Of A 1, 000 Dances
20. Let's Hang On
21. Locomotion
22. Love Don't Cost A Thing
23. Mandy
24. Most Beautiful Girl In The World
25. Nobody Does It Better
26. On The Road Again
27. Splish/splash
28. Super Trouper
29. That's Why I'm Here
30. To All The Girls I've Loved Before
31. Torn
32. Two Hearts
33. Walking On Sunshine
34. Waterloo
35. Why Do Fools Fall In Love
36. Woman
37. You Can't Hurry Love