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Artist/Band: Akrobatik
Lyrics for Song: Prelude To Balance
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Akrobatik

Yeah the weight is over y'all, finally

Yo I'm glad you bought this disc right here

It's my debut LP my name is Akrobatik and the album

of course is called Balance

I'm glad you decided to join me on

Yo, I just want to bring a little balance to the game cause you know

Too much of one thing is not good

Especially when it's some...but we ain't gonna get into that

Right now I just want to take a minute to shout out

All the cats that lended their creative talents and

soundscape to this album

Cause I think they deserve being off right now

Big up to my man T. the Beat Specialist,

this is him right here check him out

Yeah big up to Fakts One, big up my men Edan, Illmind, DJ Sense, Mr. Lif

Big up to a true legend Diamond D, waddup big bro?

To my men The Accomplice Ray Fernandes, DJ Therapy

My man holdin' it down on the west coast DJ Revolution

Big up to the BK representing the Beatminerz

And last but not least my man D-Tension

Oh oh and I made one of them beats too joining Lif,

why'know what I'm sayin'

Check it out! But enough talking let's get down to business, let's go

(Verse 1: Akrobatik)

Yo! Prepare for the ride

Cause you just found yourself a product that got somethin' real inside

Take the Time to Remind Your Soul about when brothers used to rhyme right

When it wasn't all about the Limelight

These clowns make me wonder where the Cooler Headz are runnin' to

We gotta be The Hand That Rocks The Crandle for the Woman II

Livin' in the city oh you can't be a Hypocrite

You can't Front with your Steps not even a little bit

Always Bet On Ak to Crush the Feedback

Makin' moves with my peoples as we Wreck Dem tracks

I did it all for you when I was up for the challenge

So Here And Now I present to you BALANCE!

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Akrobatik

"Other Songs - Akrobatik"

1. Moondust
2. Prelude To Balance