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Artist/Band: Emma
Lyrics for Song: Now
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - Emma

hey, this is why im here to stay

an i remeber what you did to me

you took me apart

you broke ma heart

heyy yeahh

i wont forgot the things you said

you made it worse for me instead

an ill remember how you do it

when you try an get into ma head

an NOW! you go around playin these games

when i dont say if im here to stay

got ma hand on ma heart

rememberin how you tore it apart yeahh

now baby this is where the game ends

you gotta understand me

an look where it might land me yeahh

you think am playin n you no its the truth

nothin else wud be as bad as what you did

an im stuck on the same question now


i cant believe you n me we are fallin to pieces yeahh

an NOW! you go around playin these games

thinkin your messin wid ma brain

got ma hand on the mirror an sooner or later

the truth is gonna come out ohh

oohh ooohh yeahh owooh oo woooowhoo yeah yeah

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Emma

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