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Artist/Band: The Beatles
Lyrics for Song: This Boy
Lyrics for Album: On Air - Live At The Bbc - Vol 2 [2013]

That boy took my love away.

He'll regret it someday,

But this boy wants you back again.

That boy isn't good for you.

Though he may want you too,

This boy wants you back again.

Oh, and this boy

Would be happy

Just to love you,

But oh, my, that boy

Won't be happy

'Til he's seen you cry.

This boy wouldn't mind the pain;

Would always feel the same

If this boy gets you back again.

This boy.

Album Lyrics: On Air - Live At The Bbc - Vol 2 [2013]

The Beatles
"On Air - Live At The Bbc - Vol 2 [2013]"

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