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Artist/Band: Runrig
Lyrics for Song: And the Accordions Played
Lyrics for Album: Everything You See [2007]

See the bracken green on the hills

See the gifts of every summer

Suns sinking low in the long grass

Always rising and falling down

There's bluebells growing under the trees

And I will be there in June

I will walk back down the river

To some unknown salvation

Taking me back again

Memories of the incomplete

The birch, the oak, the rowan

And the accordions down in the hall

By the riverside

As if God hadn't happened at all

Stealing heaven from a moon-lit door

Taking me back down the railroad tracks

To get lost in it all

On young ploughed fields I kissed your eyes

A crown of songs around your head

And by the railings at the harbor wall

The radios played

Never thought I could look upon

Something so beautiful, so pure

Brighter than sun on snow

In some new enchanted garden

She said we've been here before

As the skies are slashed by flames

Our citadels come crashing down

A constant sea, a war of waves

Lay down your life for me

Lay down your love again

We'll talk it over

And we'll waken

Like kings some day

And the accordions played

And the accordions played

Album Lyrics: Everything You See [2007]

"Everything You See [2007]"

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