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Artist/Band: Runrig
Lyrics for Song: Èirinn
Lyrics for Album: Scotland's Glory [2000]

What makes me walk through Ireland's shrines

And Ireland's holy shores

To see a country crucified

Your beauty crowned in thorns

And as I watch that wondrous cross

That's been hewn down and severed in two

There's something here

That draws me near

To wear the green for you

To see you there blood, brother Gael

The face, the tongue my own

Many places in my own country

Could not make me feel more at home

Laughter and music through the night

Your freedom in the dark

Tonight I swear I'd gladly wear

The green next to my heart

Èirinn, Èirinn, Èirinn, Èirinn

From the long and rolling Antrim hills

Through the wilds of Donegal

The songs of history are sung

Every stone on every wall

But here in our land how can we stand

And wash our hands of shame

When the sins of generations fall

Across the green like rain

Here one world window opens wide

And demons, they show face

Some of your men have taken seeds of truth

And planted fields of hate

This way has never won a war

And I fear that when the harvest comes

You'll see your freedom fall on stony ground

And the green overgrown

Èirinn, Èirinn, Èirinn, Èirinn

Album Lyrics: Scotland's Glory [2000]

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