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Artist/Band: Runrig
Lyrics for Song: The Only Rose
Lyrics for Album: The Cutter and the Clan [1987]

Between the shifting shadows

In the no-man's zone

There's a bar at the end of the road

Some poor country music

One or two Sixty's songs

This is the place where the night owls sleep

Oh, lonliness

You're a hard earned crust

You're the night at the end of the day

'Cause you pay your dues

On the road you choose

With the price you have to pay

Down the neon aisles

And the twilight miles

Where the world takes comfort in shame

And all I can hear

Is a voice in my ear

And it's calling out your name

Still the silence glows

The four winds blow

And a dark moon rising above

To rest by your side

In the heat of the fire

In the sleep of the night of love

When darkness hangs

On the dirty city

Winter falls on a foreign town

And it's all I can do

To be with you

Tonight as the sun goes down

But I would cross

The ocean wide

I'd walk the mighty foam

If I could lie

In your arms tonight

You're the only rose I know

The only rose I know

The only rose I know

Album Lyrics: The Cutter and the Clan [1987]

"The Cutter and the Clan [1987]"

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