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Artist/Band: Macklemore And Ryan Lewis
Lyrics for Song: Life Is Cinema
Lyrics for Album: The VS. EP [2010]

I don't know why

But it's like I can't stay quiet

This is my voice

I can't let it die inside me

See I'll be scared if there wasn't a riot

Pushin and pullin, grabbin some hair

Pukin and fuckin up the sidewalk

This battle makes it interesting

I abide desires

Like a dog pissin on the hydrant

Just to spite the fire

It's not to be taken lightly

The page is a set of eyelids

The booth is an instrument that God created

To record us trying to find him

But don't let the word throw you off

Religion and spirit are two different pilots

Just know that it's bigger than me and my ego

When I'm flyin

Take me higher

I've got something to pray for

Please leave me when I'm guided

Who said that life is cinema

This is epic, be present

I'm right here

Selfish, selfish, selfish me, yeah, me yeah

Girlfriend, break-up, new one, one-night stand, cheat, cheat, repeat that

Drug use, clean up, drug use, drug use, clean up, drug use, rehab

Fuck you I suck dude, self-loathing, self-esteem, ego, then me again

Put a soundcheck right in the middle

A never ending quest to try and get fans

There you have the beginning, a middle and a really shitty end

Nah, give me a break through, can I get a montage, come on I need that

Humble me, give me a conflict, a hardship, let me break through this cement

They're gonna be so disappointed when they roll the credits in

I realized that my movie sucked and I was the only one that could edit it

Well the course, the chain of events,

that would be the evidence, some say it's coincidence

I say I found something greater than myself and started accepting it

And I can see, feel, taste and smell again

And I'm the only one with the hammer to break this shell I'm in

It's gonna take me crackin' this mirror to finally be myself again

Met my potential a long time ago and I'm not stopping til I resemble him

(I got soul but I'm not a soldier...)

Album Lyrics: The VS. EP [2010]

Macklemore And Ryan Lewis
"The VS. EP [2010]"

1. Crew Cuts
2. Irish Celebration
3. Kings
4. Life Is Cinema
5. Otherside
6. The End
7. Vipassana