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Artist/Band: Wale
Lyrics for Song: The Middle Finger
Lyrics for Album: The Album About Nothing [2015]

[Jerry Seinfeld:]

Now, one of the services you provide is

giving them something to talk about.

Let 'em talk. It makes 'em happy, it makes 'em feel good.

They don't believe half the shit they say.

People wanna talk. Yeah, it's fun to talk

Hate to be the bearer of bad news

But I can't move with too many rap dudes

I respect dudes from my double M crew

But I'm just not that dude hanging on to who's who's and such

Cash rule for some, got room for none

Can't fool with niggas who put the rumors up

Wanted to quit, rap music sucks

But couldn't run a 4.2, so with you I'm stuck

Went in the booth, truth? the only tool I trust

And that's sayin' a lot, cause Pro Tools be stuck

You grindin' hot, they wanna be cool with yah

They're like consignment shops, they're old news to us


Society, I trip 'em

Aye well look now

I got to be the realest

Aye well look now

Society, I trip 'em

Aye well look now

Should follow no nigga

Just the god inside of my mirror

Fuck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)

Fuck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)

Fuck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)

Fuck you, leave me alone (aye well look now)

Fuck you, leave me alone

Fuck you, leave me alone

Fuck you, leave me alone

Fuck you, leave me alone

Fightin' for my respect, receive it or nothin' else

Preachin' and geekin', I kinda think that I'm Malcolm X

MDMA in my juice, jaws tired and thru

Now I'm sweatin' cause the bitches, they perspired me to

Are you judgin' me now? Do you fuck with me now?

Miscarried my first child, ain't finna come out

Fuck the therapy route, where the syrup and loud?

Blue 30 come around, there's the smile

Opiated, could show up later with more elation

All my bitches say, "Take it easy, enjoy the paper"

Try to be with the people, see what I'm fightin'

Them inner demons, and how it was eatin' me while I be in Vegas

Yeah, life a gamble anyway jo

Pop a perc, I could merk through the pain though

Mind bills pilin' up, drop a single

Thrill's all gone when that mothafuckin' fame go

Ever seen a mix J Cole and Django?

Educated, shit, but he whip like he ain't though

Black bitches say my shit is so graceful

White bitches barely know me up in Graystone


Album Lyrics: The Album About Nothing [2015]

"The Album About Nothing [2015]"

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8. The Middle Finger
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11. The Pessimist
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13. The White Shoes