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Artist/Band: 50 Cent
Lyrics for Song: The Grind
Lyrics for Album: Other Songs - 50 Cent


(Tony Yayo)
You a half time hustla, im a full time hustla
(50 Cent)
Cuz I stay on the grind, i stay on the grind
(Lloyd Banks)
While you chasin your dick, Ill be chasin them tits
Cuz I stay On the grind, I stay on the grind
Man, the D's on me, cuz they caught me with a nine
And I, stay on the grind, I stay on the grind
Wife be beggin, for me to spend time
Cuz I, stay on the grind, I stay on the grind

(Verse 1: 50 Cent)
All I do is sit and think of ways that I can come up
Hit tips of 1 up, then maybe they could gun up
My pockets are hurtin homie, I aint feelin this shit
Have yo mama screamin (BABY BOO, IS YA HIT?!)
I aint Scarface, "No women no kids" I dont give a fuck
Better teach that bitch and that little nigga ta duck
With a P90 Ruger, I put shots all through ya
If you survive, you gon feel what time'll do to ya
I'm a hard-headed nigga, I came up so hard
Had to get shot 9 times for me to find God
If 10 planes hit the projects, nobody will care
Look around, they aint nothin but black folks around here
From brothers that become political, and start to manuever
They'll give you a hundred years man, they did it to Hoover
Ya, you can hate me or love me, when you see me bust shots
Come and hug me, come show me she loves me

(CHORUS: 50 Cent)
I go hard for mine, I work 9 to 5, and I
Stay on the grind, I stay on the grind
I aint got time for love. I'm tryna get mine, and I
Stay on the grind, I stay on the grind
I got moans in the middle, and I'm always gon shine, cuz I
Stay on the grind, I stay on the grind
If you call when I'm busy, when you got spare time, cuz I
Stay on the grind, I stay on the grind

(Verse 2: Tony Yayo)
I got claintell, I flip coke in a hurry
Darryl Strawberry even called me on the celly
And Whitney Houston, saw my coke be movin
I got the china white from the schuben
And my dope connects, the dudes be African
He got Boo-koo bucks, he be traffican
I know feinds that'll rob a train, to feed their vein
Feinds that'll kill an addict that support their habit
Feinds that'll pawn their jewels for dog food
So when I'm on the strip, you know I'm on the move
Fuck cops in a bentley, with low ass knowledge
I cop ten bricks and pay for a pilots
Now theres coke in Ohana, dope in Alabama
I'm, not a rapper, Tony Yay' is a scrambler
Remember back then, is when I slinged on the corner
I had the sheep skin, my girl had to love the barber


(Verse 3: Lloyd Banks)
Dont get caught robbin the pot, cuz your hand'll be tossed
Get on both sides, its your man Berry Boss
Imma flood the watch, and every cross
Nevermind a horse, im in a porsche, its my turn to floss
Dont put me in a mix of your rap lies
Diss me, Ill dip you in toilet water so you can get baptized
I grew up with the peasants in the halls
Elevators is broke, probably have a specious in the walls
Now haters get wreckless with the calls
As Im fuckin their bitch and they buyin breakfast in the morn
Not to mention, he dresses in the malls
New Prada footwear, Nexino necklace with the fauls
I dont care if you over 300 pounds, dont seduce me
You'll get your big ass cut up like Bruce Lee
I wont stop till my starve eat
We got tools, thatll steam your ass around like a 5 heart beat


Album Lyrics: Other Songs - 50 Cent

50 Cent
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