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Artist/Band: Michael Buble
Lyrics for Song: End Of May
Lyrics for Album: Collection

Golden haze,

Another morning feels like yesterday.

End of may..

Now you're gone and there's still bills to pay.

And you know it doesn't help to make believe, you're sitting next to me.

It doesn't help, to make believe that you are right behind me

Saying it's okay.

Longer days,

More time to sit and watch the pendulum sway.

In quiet rage I'm staring at this empty notebook page.

In times like these you feel like you are done with feeling,

You feel you want to stop the pain from healing

Because you feel like you're the only one,

Who's ever felt this way.

Some days in a daze, there's brighter days.

Funny how the feeling never stays,

But I know I'll have to come to terms when I'm awake,

Thinking about you is the icing on the cake.

Makes me realize the fact you're gone for good for goodness sake.

Golden haze, another morning feels like yesterday.

End of may, a year is gone and I still feel this way,

When we meet again, I'll ask you how you're doing

And you'll say fine and ask me how I'm doing

And then I'll lie and I'll say ordinary, It's just an ordinary day.

It's just an ordinary day

It's just an ordinary day

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