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Artist/Band: Pink Floyd
Lyrics for Song: San Tropez
Lyrics for Album: Meddle [1971]

As I reach for a peach

Slide a rind down behind

The sofa in San Tropez.

Breakin' a stick

with a brick on the sand.

Ridin' a wave

In the wake of an old sedan.

Sleepin' alone in the

Drone of the darkness,

Scratched by the sand that

Fell from my love,

Deep in my dreams and I

Still hear her callin'

"If you're alone,

I'll come home."

Backward and homebound,

The pigeon, the dove,

Gone with the wind

And the rain, on an airplane.

Owning a home

With no silver spoon,

I'm drinking champagne

Like a good tycoon.

Sooner than wait for

A break in the weather,

I'll gather my far-flung

Thoughts together.

Speeding away

On the wind to a new day.

And if you're alone

I'll come home.

And I pause for a while

By a country style

And listen to the things they say.

Diggin' for gold

With a hoe in my hand.

Open a book

Take a look at the way things stand.

And you're leading me down

To the place by the sea.

I hear your soft voice

Calling to me.

Making a date for

Later by phone

And if you're alone

I'll come home.

Album Lyrics: Meddle [1971]

Pink Floyd
"Meddle [1971]"

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