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Artist/Band: Marvin Gaye
Lyrics for Song: It's Madness
Lyrics for Album: Songbook [2009]

World, I'm not the same

I can't remember my name half the time

I took a walk, I thought I'd get some air

But was really not aware of what I said or what I did

I never see the dark of night or the light of day

I took a walk into the park and never saw the children play

Everything I see is a crazy kind of mystery to me

I'm flirting with the mother of insanity

Oh, babe, where is my mind?

Since you left me it's been hard to find

Oh where, where is my mind?

It started to rain, and I felt insane

But one thing's for sure

It's going to rain forever more

Until you come back to me

Please, baby

World, I'm not the same

I go somewhere and can't remember how I came

I'm completely turned around, lost in space

It's your face I see constantly

I never know from right or wrong, or anything

I'm like a desperate man, see me try to cling

To the only other parts you've left to me

I'm flirting, I'm flirting with insanity

Oh, bring back my mind

Since you left me, honey

I can't find it

Ooh, honey, bring back my mind

Oh, I'm slippin' away

More and more every day

Please release my soul

Give me back control of my mind

Only you can save me

Album Lyrics: Songbook [2009]

Marvin Gaye
"Songbook [2009]"

1. Dream Of A Lifetime
2. It's Madness
3. Stranger In My Life
4. 'Til Tomorrow
5. More
6. Maria
7. Third World Girl