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Artist/Band: Enya
Lyrics for Song: Flora's Secret
Lyrics for Album: Only Time: The Collection [2002]

Lovers in the long grass

Look above them

Only they can see

Where the clouds are going

Only to discover

Dust and sunlight

Ever make the sky so blue

Afternoon is hazy

River flowing

All around the sounds

Moving closer to them

Telling them the story

Told by Flora

Dreams they never knew


Silver willows

Tears from Persia

Those who come

From a far-off island

Winter Chanterelle lies

Under clover

Glory of the sun in blue


Some they know as passion

Some as freedom

Some they know as love

And the way it leaves them

Summer snowflake

For a season

When the sky above is blue

And the sky above is blue


Lying in the long grass

Close beside her

Giving her the name

Of the one the moon loves

This will be the day she

Will remember

When she knew his heart was

Loving in the long grass

Close beside them

Whispering of love

And the way it leaves them

Lying in the long grass

In the sunlight

They believe it's true love

And from all around them

Flora's secret

Telling them of love

And the way it breathes and

Looking up from eyes of


They can see the sky is blue

Knowing that their love is true

Dreams they never knew

And the sky above is blue

Album Lyrics: Only Time: The Collection [2002]

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