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They Might Be Giants
Album Lyrics: Then: The Earlier Years [1997] [1997]

Then: The Earlier Years [1997]

They Might Be Giants
"Then: The Earlier Years [1997]"

1. Which Describes How You're Feeling playlist
2. Cowtown playlist
3. Lie Still, Little Bottle playlist
4. Cage & Aquarium playlist
5. Where Your Eyes Don't Go playlist
6. Piece Of Dirt playlist
7. Mr. Me playlist
8. Pencil Rain playlist
9. The World's Address playlist
10. I've Got A Match playlist
11. Santa's Beard playlist
12. You'll Miss Me playlist
13. Shoehorn With Teeth playlist
14. Stand On Your Own Head playlist
15. Snowball In Hell playlist
16. Kiss Me, Son Of God playlist
17. Birds Fly playlist
18. The World's Address (Joshua Fried Remix) playlist
19. Nightgown Of The Sullen Moon playlist
20. I'll Sink Manhattan playlist
21. It's Not My Birthday playlist
22. Hello Radio playlist
23. Mr. Klaw playlist
24. Kiss Me Son Of God [alternate version] playlist
25. The Biggest One playlist
26. For Science playlist
27. (She Was A) Hotel Detective playlist
28. The Famous Polka playlist
29. When It Rains It Snows playlist
30. Everything Right Is Wrong Again playlist
31. Number Three playlist
32. Hide Away Folk Family playlist
33. Rabid Child playlist
34. Nothing's Gonna Change My Clothes playlist
35. Youth Culture Killed My Dog playlist
36. Boat Of Car playlist
37. Absolutely Bill's Mood playlist
38. Chess Piece Face playlist
39. I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die playlist
40. Alienation's For The Rich playlist
41. The Day playlist
42. Rhythm Section Want Ad playlist
43. Critic Intro playlist
44. Mainstream U.S.A. playlist
45. Greek #3 playlist
46. I Hope That I Get Old Before I Die (Demo Version) playlist
47. I'm Def playlist
48. Don't Let's Start (1985 Demo) playlist
49. '85 Radio Special Thank You playlist
50. Lady Is a Tramp playlist
51. Kitten Intro playlist
52. Weep Day playlist
53. The Big Big Whoredom playlist
54. I'm Gettin' Sentimental Over You playlist
55. Become A Robot playlist
56. Doris Cunningham playlist
57. Counterfeit Fake playlist
58. Schoolchildren Singing Particle Man playlist
59. 32 Footsteps playlist
60. Toddler Hiway playlist
61. Fake Out In Buenos Aires playlist
62. Now That I Have Everything playlist
63. Swing Is A Word playlist

Album Lyrics: A User's Guide to They Might Be Giants [2005]

They Might Be Giants
"A User's Guide to They Might Be Giants [2005]"

1. Minimum Wage playlist
2. Meet James Ensor playlist
3. Particle Man playlist
4. Don't Let's Start playlist
5. She's An Angel playlist
6. Cyclops Rock playlist
7. Purple Toupee playlist
8. Birdhouse In Your Soul playlist
9. Ana Ng playlist
10. The Guitar playlist
11. Bangs playlist
12. The Statue Got Me High playlist
13. Doctor Worm playlist
14. Boss Of Me playlist
15. Your Racist Friend playlist
16. They'll Need A Crane playlist
17. I Palindrome I playlist
18. Put Your Hand Inside The Puppet Head playlist
19. John Lee Supertaster playlist
20. Older playlist
21. We're The Replacements playlist
22. Dr. Evil playlist
23. No! playlist
24. Clap Your Hands playlist
25. Spider playlist
26. James K. Polk playlist
27. Istanbul (Not Constantinople) playlist

Album Lyrics: Here Comes Science [2009]

They Might Be Giants
"Here Comes Science [2009]"

1. Why Does the Sun Shine? playlist
2. Science Is Real playlist
3. Meet the Elements playlist
4. I Am a Paleontologist playlist
5. The Bloodmobile playlist
6. Electric Car playlist
7. My Brother the Ape playlist
8. What Is a Shooting Star? playlist
9. How Many Planets? playlist
10. Why Does the Sun Really Shine? playlist
11. Roy G. Biv playlist
12. Put It to the Test playlist
13. Photosynthesis playlist
14. Cells playlist
15. Speed and Velocity playlist
16. Computer Assisted Design playlist
17. Solid Liquid Gas playlist
18. Here Comes Science playlist
19. The Ballad of Davy Crockett (In Outer Space) playlist
20. Waves playlist

Album Lyrics: Severe Tire Damage [1998]

They Might Be Giants
"Severe Tire Damage [1998]"

1. She's Actual Size playlist
2. Till My Head Falls Off playlist
3. About Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Apollo 18 [1992]

They Might Be Giants
"Apollo 18 [1992]"

1. My Evil Twin playlist
2. Mammal playlist
3. Dinner Bell playlist
4. Narrow Your Eyes playlist
5. Hall Of Heads playlist
6. See The Constellation playlist
7. If I Wasn't Shy playlist
8. Hypnotist Of Ladies playlist
9. Fingertips playlist
10. Space Suit playlist
11. Dig My Grave playlist
12. Turn Around playlist

Album Lyrics: Factory Showroom [1996]

They Might Be Giants
"Factory Showroom [1996]"

1. S-E-X-X-Y playlist
2. How Can I Sing Like A Girl? playlist
3. Exquisite Dead Guy playlist
4. Metal Detector playlist
5. New York City playlist
6. Your Own Worst Enemy playlist
7. XTC vs. Adam Ant playlist
8. Spiraling Shape playlist
9. Pet Name playlist
10. I Can Hear You playlist
11. The Bells Are Ringing playlist

Album Lyrics: Flood [1990]

They Might Be Giants
"Flood [1990]"

1. Theme From Flood playlist
2. Lucky Ball And Chain playlist
3. Dead playlist
4. Twisting playlist
5. We Want A Rock playlist
6. Someone Keeps Moving My Chair playlist
7. Hearing Aid playlist
8. Letterbox playlist
9. Whistling In The Dark playlist
10. Hot Cha playlist
11. Women & Men playlist
12. Sapphire Bullets Of Pure Love playlist
13. They Might Be Giants playlist
14. Road Movie To Berlin playlist

Album Lyrics: Here Come The 123s [2008]

They Might Be Giants
"Here Come The 123s [2008]"

1. Here Come the 123s playlist
2. Zeroes playlist
3. One Everything playlist
4. Number Two playlist
5. Triops Has Three Eyes playlist
6. Apartment Four playlist
7. High Five! playlist
8. The Secret of Six playlist
9. Seven playlist
10. Seven Days (I Never Go to Work) playlist
11. Figure Eight playlist
12. Pirate Girls Nine playlist
13. Nine Bowls of Soup playlist
14. Ten Mississippi playlist
15. One Dozen Monkeys playlist
16. Eight Hundred and Thirteen Mile Car Trip playlist
17. Infinity playlist
18. Nonagon playlist
19. Ooh La! Ooh La! playlist
20. Heart of the Band playlist
21. Hot Dog! playlist
22. Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Theme playlist
23. Even Numbers playlist
24. I Can Add playlist

Album Lyrics: Here Come The ABCs [2005]

They Might Be Giants
"Here Come The ABCs [2005]"

1. Here Come The ABCs playlist
2. Alphabet Of Nations playlist
3. E Eats Everything playlist
4. Flying V playlist
5. Q U playlist
6. Go for G! playlist
7. Pictures Of Pandas Painting playlist
8. D & W playlist
9. Fake-Believe playlist
10. Can You Find It? playlist
11. The Vowel Family playlist
12. Letter / Not a Letter playlist
13. Alphabet Lost And Found playlist
14. I C U playlist
15. Who Put The Alphabet In Alphabetical Order? playlist
16. L M N O playlist
17. C Is For Conifers playlist
18. Fake-Believe (Type B) playlist
19. D Is for Drums playlist
20. Goodnight My Friends playlist
21. Here In Higglytown (Theme to Higglytown Heroes) playlist
22. Z Y X playlist

Album Lyrics: John Henry [1994]

They Might Be Giants
"John Henry [1994]"

1. Subliminal playlist
2. Snail Shell playlist
3. Sleeping In The Flowers playlist
4. Unrelated Thing playlist
5. AKA Driver playlist
6. I Should Be Allowed To Think playlist
7. Extra Savoir Faire playlist
8. Why Must I Be Sad? playlist
9. Spy playlist
10. O, Do Not Forsake Me playlist
11. No One Knows My Plan playlist
12. Dirt Bike playlist
13. Destination Moon playlist
14. A Self Called Nowhere playlist
15. Thermostat playlist
16. Window playlist
17. Out Of Jail playlist
18. Stomp Box playlist
19. The End Of The Tour playlist

Album Lyrics: Join Us [2011]

They Might Be Giants
"Join Us [2011]"

1. Can't Keep Johnny Down playlist
2. You Probably Get That a Lot playlist
3. Old Pine Box playlist
4. Canajoharie playlist
5. Cloisonné playlist
6. Let Your Hair Hang Down playlist
7. Celebration playlist
8. In Fact playlist
9. When Will You Die playlist
10. Protagonist playlist
11. Judy is Your Viat Nam playlist
12. Never Knew Love playlist
13. The Lady and the Tiger playlist
14. Spoiler Alert playlist
15. Dog Walker playlist
16. 2082 playlist
17. Three Might Be Duende playlist
18. You Don't Like Me playlist

Album Lyrics: Long Tall Weekend [1999]

They Might Be Giants
"Long Tall Weekend [1999]"

1. Drinkin' playlist
2. Maybe I Know playlist
3. Rat Patrol playlist
4. Token Back to Brooklyn playlist
5. Operators Are Standing By playlist
6. Dark and Metric playlist
7. Reprehensible playlist
8. Certain People I Could Name playlist
9. Counterfeit Faker playlist
10. They Got Lost playlist
11. Lullabye to Nightmares playlist
12. On Earth My Nina playlist

Album Lyrics: Mink Car [2001]

They Might Be Giants
"Mink Car [2001]"

1. (She Thinks She's) Edith Head playlist
2. Man, It's So Loud In Here playlist
3. Mr. Xcitement playlist
4. Another First Kiss playlist
5. I've Got A Fang playlist
6. Hovering Sombrero playlist
7. Yeh Yeh playlist
8. Hopeless Bleak Dispair playlist
9. Drink! playlist
10. My Man playlist
11. Mink Car playlist
12. Wicked Little Critta playlist
13. Working Undercover For The Man playlist
14. Finished With Lies playlist

Album Lyrics: Miscellaneous T [1991]

They Might Be Giants
"Miscellaneous T [1991]"

1. Hey, Mr. DJ, I Thought You Said We Had a Deal playlist
2. (Untitled) playlist

Album Lyrics: No! [2002]

They Might Be Giants
"No! [2002]"

1. Fibber Island playlist
2. Robot Parade playlist
3. Where Do They Make Balloons? playlist
4. In The Middle, In The Middle, In The Middle playlist
5. Violin playlist
6. The Edison Museum playlist
7. The House At The Top Of The Tree playlist
8. I Am Not Your Broom playlist
9. Wake Up Call playlist
10. I Am A Grocery Bag playlist
11. Bed Bed Bed playlist
12. Sleepwalkers playlist
13. Four Of Two playlist
14. Lazyhead and Sleeybones playlist

Album Lyrics: The Else [2007]

They Might Be Giants
"The Else [2007]"

1. I'm Impressed playlist
2. Take Out the Trash playlist
3. Upside Down Frown playlist
4. Climbing the Walls playlist
5. The Cap'm playlist
6. With the Dark playlist
7. The Shadow Government playlist
8. Bee of the Bird of the Moth playlist
9. Withered Hope playlist
10. Contrecoup playlist
11. Feign Amnesia playlist
12. The Mesopotamians playlist
13. Careful What You Pack playlist

Album Lyrics: The Spine [2004]

They Might Be Giants
"The Spine [2004]"

1. Experimental Film playlist
2. Spine playlist
3. Memo to Human Resources playlist
4. Wearing a Raincoat playlist
5. Prevenge playlist
6. Thunderbird playlist
7. Bastard Wants to Hit Me playlist
8. The World Before Later On playlist
9. Museum of Idiots playlist
10. It's Kickin' In playlist
11. Spines playlist
12. Au Contraire playlist
13. Damn Good Times playlist
14. Broke in Two playlist
15. Stalk of Wheat playlist
16. I Can't Hide from My Mind playlist
17. Renew My Subscription playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - They Might Be Giants

They Might Be Giants
"Other Songs - They Might Be Giants"

1. 200 SBemails playlist
2. 25 O'clock playlist
3. Albany playlist
4. All Alone playlist
5. Am I Awake? playlist
6. Anaheim playlist
7. Arkansas playlist
8. Asbury Park playlist
9. Asheville playlist
10. Authenticity Trip playlist
11. Banana Slugs playlist
12. Baroque Hoedown playlist
13. Battle For The Planet Of The Apes (Hidden) playlist
14. Be As playlist
15. Brain Problem Situation playlist
16. Brainwashin' Our Fighting Boys playlist
17. Bread Hair playlist
18. Brooklyn playlist
19. Cabbagetown playlist
20. Cast Your Pod to the Wind playlist
21. Charlottesville playlist
22. Christmas Cards playlist
23. Concrete & Clay playlist
24. Confusing The Mind playlist
25. Courage The Cowardly Dog playlist
26. Cupid playlist
27. Dallas playlist
28. Dee Dee and Dexter playlist
29. Disappointing Show playlist
30. Dollar For Dollar playlist
31. Don't Spare the Rock playlist
32. Doom Doom playlist
33. Existential Blues playlist
34. Feast Of Lights playlist
35. Glasgow playlist
36. Hell Hotel playlist
37. Hey Everybody playlist
38. Hiya playlist
39. How Much Cake Can You Eat playlist
40. How Now Dark Cloud? playlist
41. I Need Some Lovin playlist
42. I'm All You Can Think About playlist
43. I'm Sick (Of This American Life) playlist
44. Infatuation playlist
45. Introduction To A Broken Heart playlist
46. It's Not Me It's You playlist
47. Living Doll playlist
48. Lonley American Nights playlist
49. Los Angeles playlist
50. Love Is Eternity playlist
51. Maine playlist
52. Mario Speaks playlist
53. Marty Beller Mask playlist
54. Monday Morning playlist
55. Money For Dope playlist
56. Monsters Of Mud playlist
57. Mosh Momken Abadon playlist
58. Mountain Flowers playlist
59. Moving To The Sun playlist
60. Mrs. Cinderella playlist
61. Mrs. Train playlist
62. Nevada playlist
63. Next Plane To London playlist
64. Now I Know playlist
65. O Tannenbaum playlist
66. O We playlist
67. Ondine playlist
68. One More Parade playlist
69. Oranges Testamonial playlist
70. Oregon playlist
71. Outboard Part Of Man playlist
72. Pennsylvania playlist
73. Pittsburgh playlist
74. Pretty Girls playlist
75. Put Your Hand on the Computer playlist
76. Read A Book playlist
77. Rest Awhile playlist
78. Rock Club playlist
79. Rocket Ship playlist
80. Saturday People playlist
81. Sensurround playlist
82. Siftin playlist
83. Somebody Took My Eyeball playlist
84. Somebody's Body playlist
85. South Carolina playlist
86. Stormy Pinkness playlist
87. Taste the Fame playlist
88. The Army's Tired Now playlist
89. The Feel Good Sublet playlist
90. The Fellowship of Hell playlist
91. The Lion Sleeps Tonight playlist
92. The Summer Breeze playlist
93. The Sun Is A Mass Of Incandescent Gas playlist
94. The Writings On The Wall playlist
95. There's A Great Big Beautiful Tomorrow playlist
96. This Ape's For You (Hidden) playlist
97. Through Being Cool playlist
98. Tigerella playlist
99. Tiny Doctors playlist
100. Tippecanoe and Tyler Too playlist
101. Truth In Your Words playlist
102. Unforgotten playlist
103. Usted Es Muy Loco playlist
104. Vancouver playlist
105. We Just Go Nuts At Christmastime playlist
106. We Live in a Dump playlist
107. Welcome To The Jungle playlist
108. When Tornadoes Take Over The World playlist
109. Whirlpool playlist
110. Words Are Like playlist
111. Your Mom's Alright playlist

Album Lyrics: Nanobots [2013]

They Might Be Giants
"Nanobots [2013]"

1. 9 Secret Steps playlist
2. Black Ops playlist
3. Call You Mom playlist
4. Circular Karate Chop playlist
5. Decision Makers playlist
6. Destroy The Past playlist
7. Didn't Kill Me playlist
8. Great playlist
9. Hive Mind playlist
10. Icky playlist
11. Insect Hospital playlist
12. Lost My Mind playlist
13. Nanobots playlist
14. Nouns playlist
15. Replicant playlist
16. Sleep playlist
17. Sometimes A Lonely Way playlist
18. Stone Cold Coup D'état playlist
19. Stuff Is Way playlist
20. Tesla playlist
21. The Darlings Of Lumberland playlist
22. There playlist
23. Tick playlist
24. Too Tall Girl playlist
25. You're On Fire playlist