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Five Iron Frenzy
Album Lyrics: Proof that The Youth Are Revolting [1999]

Five Iron Frenzy
"Proof that The Youth Are Revolting [1999]"

1. A Flowery Song playlist
2. All That Is Good playlist
3. Anthem playlist
4. Arnold And Willis And Mr. Drumondd playlist
5. Blue Comb '78 playlist
6. Dandelions playlist
7. Every New Day playlist
8. Handbook For The Sellout playlist
9. Oh, Canada playlist
10. One Girl Army playlist
11. Suckerpunch playlist
12. Superpowers playlist
13. Where Zero Meets Fifteen playlist

Album Lyrics: All The Hype That Money Can Buy [2000]

Five Iron Frenzy
"All The Hype That Money Can Buy [2000]"

1. A New Hope playlist
2. All The Hype playlist
3. Fahrenheit playlist
4. Four-Fifty-One playlist
5. Giants playlist
6. Hurricanes playlist
7. I Still Like Larry playlist
8. It's Not Unusual playlist
9. Me Oh My playlist
10. Solidarity playlist
11. The Greatest Story Ever Told playlist
12. The Phantom Mullet playlist
13. Ugly Day playlist
14. World Without End playlist
15. You Probably Shouldn't Move Here playlist

Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Five Iron Frenzy

Five Iron Frenzy
"Other Songs - Five Iron Frenzy"

1. Abraham Lincoln Beard (Third Movement) playlist
2. Chew Water playlist
3. Distant Shores playlist
4. Donkey Basketball playlist
5. Faking Life playlist
6. Five Iron Is Stupid playlist
7. How's About Some Milk playlist
8. It Was A Dark And Stormy Night playlist
9. It's So Hot I'm Going To Have A Heat Stroke playlist
10. Kingdom Of The Dinosaurs playlist
11. Kitty- Doggy playlist
12. Mama Mia playlist
13. Medley playlist
14. Never Ask Us To Play This playlist
15. No Grandma = Know Grandma playlist
16. Omnivores For Mediocrity playlist
17. Pootermobile playlist
18. Screams In The Night playlist
19. Shut Up playlist
20. Stinky Hippy playlist
21. That Tastes Horrible playlist
22. The End Is Here playlist
23. When I See Her Face playlist
24. You Gotta Get Up playlist

Album Lyrics: Upbeats & Beatdowns [1997]

Five Iron Frenzy
"Upbeats & Beatdowns [1997]"

1. Amalgamate playlist
2. Beautiful America playlist
3. Combat Chuck playlist
4. Everywhere I Go playlist
5. I Feel Lucky playlist
6. Milestone playlist

Album Lyrics: The End Is Near [2004]

Five Iron Frenzy
"The End Is Near [2004]"

1. American Kryptonite playlist
2. Anchors Away playlist
3. At Least I'm Not Like All Those Other Old Guys playlist
4. Cannonball playlist
5. Farewell To Arms playlist
6. It Was Beautiful playlist
7. New Years Eve playlist
8. On Distant Shores playlist
9. See The Flames Begin To Crawl playlist
10. So Far, So Bad playlist
11. Something Like Laughter playlist
12. That's How The Story Ends playlist
13. The Cross Of St. Andrew playlist
14. Wizard Needs Food, Badly playlist

Album Lyrics: Our Newest Album Ever! [1998]

Five Iron Frenzy
"Our Newest Album Ever! [1998]"

1. Banner Year playlist
2. Litmus playlist
3. Most Likely To Succeed playlist
4. Second Season playlist
5. Where Is Micah playlist

Album Lyrics: Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo [2001]

Five Iron Frenzy
"Five Iron Frenzy 2: Electric Boogaloo [2001]"

1. Blue Mix playlist
2. Car playlist
3. Eulogy playlist
4. Far Far Away playlist
5. Farsighted playlist
6. Juggernaut playlist
7. Plan B playlist
8. Pre Ex Girlfriend playlist
9. Spartan playlist
10. The Day We Killed playlist
11. Vultures playlist
12. You Can't Handle This playlist

Album Lyrics: Cheeses... [2003]

Five Iron Frenzy
"Cheeses... [2003]"

1. Burn playlist
2. Cool Enough For You playlist
3. Dog Food playlist
4. Fistfull Of Sand playlist
5. Kamikaze playlist
6. Left playlist
7. Marty playlist
8. Mayonnaise Taco Monday playlist
9. Mind For Treason playlist
10. Old West playlist
11. Praise The Lord playlist
12. Rhubarb Pie playlist
13. Third World Think Tank playlist

Album Lyrics: Quantity is Job 1 [1998]

Five Iron Frenzy
"Quantity is Job 1 [1998]"

1. Get Your Riot Gear playlist
2. My Evil Plan To Save The World playlist
3. Sweet Talkin Woman playlist
4. The Pants Rock Opera playlist
5. The Untimely Death Of Brad playlist