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Wesley Willis
Album Lyrics: Other Songs - Wesley Willis

Wesley Willis
"Other Songs - Wesley Willis"

1. 2 X 4 playlist
2. Alanis Morissette playlist
3. Birdman Kicked My Ass playlist
4. Bolt Thrower playlist
5. Caryn Shaffer playlist
6. Chronic Schiozophrenia playlist
7. Cut The Mullet playlist
8. Dale Meiners Yelled At Me playlist
9. Electric Eel playlist
10. Firewall The Throttle playlist
11. Fuck With Me And Find Out playlist
12. Fuck You playlist
13. I Whipped Batman's Ass playlist
14. It's Against The Law playlist
15. Jello Biafra playlist
16. Johnny Depp playlist
17. Kris Kringle Was A Car Thief playlist
18. Kurt Cobain playlist
19. Lotion playlist
20. Make Sure I'm Out Screwing Up playlist
21. Mr. Scarface playlist
22. Northwest Airlines playlist
23. Oil Express playlist
24. Retard Bus playlist
25. Rock And Roll Mcdonalds playlist
26. Rock N Roll Mcdonalds playlist
27. Spank Wagon playlist
28. Stop The Violence playlist
29. Suck A Cheatah's Dick playlist
30. Wesley Willis playlist

Album Lyrics: Rush Hour [2000]

Wesley Willis
"Rush Hour [2000]"

1. Electra 225 playlist
2. He Goes To Prison playlist
3. Outburst playlist

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hits [1995]

Wesley Willis
"Greatest Hits [1995]"

1. Rick Sims playlist