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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: One Love
Lyrics for Album: Present... Platypus EP [2005]

One Love

I just wanna say

welcome to the part of the show

where the base drum hits hard and slow

your face becomes aware that Im starting to flow

and it sounds like a song that you already know

you might have heard it at 11th and Fillmore

A sort biggish building with a littlish a billboard but

Whats everybody staying still 4,

3,2,1 If youre happy, Gillmore

then act like youre knowing it clap

And move like youre in a kayak and youre rowing it

And if you dont wanna clap then snap

Whatever floats your boat just go with it

Cause Im hoping thisll get you open

Its a bit of spoken word a little joking heard hear and there

Lemme clear the air

This is not a competitionLord, hear my prayer

So if anybody listening is feeling scared

We wanna make your spirit aware that

You are not alone

You are not alone


You are (you are) not alone

You dont have to do this on your own

One Love Agape One Love Agape

Solo(w) it can feel like were coming apart

Together were much more than the sum of our parts

One Love Agape One love Agape

Some of out parts are just about busting

Some of our parts are rusty but these

Lips voice sentiments begun in our hearts and

Heal wounds with the songs that are sung in the dark

So if youre feeling like a Pimp take a moment just to hold it off

My role model will not only brush ya shoulders off

But wash your feet, give his life as the soldiers watch

And forgive his torturers below the cross

So when youre slapped and youre told to fight back

And they taunt you over the phone to incite smack

Get back! Get back in the zone despite that

And rely on the strength that the bonified have

But if you act like you know me like that

Call me cheesy like macaroni I might snap snap

But only like that and get on the microphone and recite raps


You are not alone

You dont have to do this on your own

You wont have to prove yourself to get through this

Dont have to lose yourself to this music

In fact you might find yourself

In a room full of strangers trying to help

In a flashback to the last time you felt

The presence of something divine well, this is

Hip-hop its not just for profit anymore never was

Its too easy to live your life waiting for change to arrive if it ever does

It will come from a source thats infinite, not from a middle man

You cant measure its force but youve got a sense of it, and its bigger than

Hip-hopits larger than life/death.much greater than us/them..

Everybody One love/agapeCHORUS

Album Lyrics: Present... Platypus EP [2005]

"Present... Platypus EP [2005]"

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