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Artist/Band: Flobots
Lyrics for Song: The Moon
Lyrics for Album: Present... Platypus EP [2005]

Ive been

Traveling the land from gravel into sand

Not knowin where Im going never havin any plans

Anything I wanted had to grab it in advance

Abracadabra theres a rabbit in my hands cause

Ive got the magic stick bust the baddest tricks

Fished for a whale brought a ship up out of it

Whats that I just saw? A platypus? Naw.

Maybe its a rat crawling flat on his paws

or a baby dragon just draggin' his claws

It doesnt really matter

because its Saturday,

so look thataway

three o'clock matinee,

lets collaborate

and Ill pay you back soon

with a crazy rap tune.

But for now were just gazing at the moon

Wander and ponder the pale blue yonder

To infinite and beyond the city

Beyond the city we all want to see serenity

But some times you've gotta hop the fence to see

That all sidewalks must end eventually

I sit still at the bottom of the sea

Brainwaves chill like a sea anemone

Sentient entity

Let the spirit enter me

Patient, pervasive, how I was meant to be

A stone worn smooth by the swift currents of chaos

A place to lay a smooth array of lush moss

Im parlaying on my day off

floating way off on my thought balloons and snacking on macaroons

But for now Im just gazing at the moon

Album Lyrics: Present... Platypus EP [2005]

"Present... Platypus EP [2005]"

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3. The Moon
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