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Artist/Band: Great Big Sea
Lyrics for Song: Dream to Live
Lyrics for Album: Fortune's Favour [2008]

Set off for America far across the ragin' sea

From the frozen coves of my island home

To the land of liberty

I have to leave my girl behind

Until I make my way

Oh Molly dear please wait for me

I'll come back for you some day

We landed hard in Boston

and I'd never seen the like

A small boat boy from around the bay

In this sea of shining lights

Two days in I got a job

Building towers of high steel

I had to learn, to not look down

And I quickly learned to kneel

All I need is one good nights sleep

In your loving arms, to mend

We sleep to dream

And we dream to live

Will I live to love you again

I saved every cent I could

But the months turned into years

Then a letter came from Molly

and confirmed my deepest fears

She would no longer wait for me,

she'd found a better man

I might have been in America,

but my heart was broken

In Newfoundland

My working days are over now

And my children have all grown

I did the best with what I had

But some days I feel alone

I often wonder where you are

Do you still know my name

Deep inside this old man's heart

There's a love that still remains

Album Lyrics: Fortune's Favour [2008]

Great Big Sea
"Fortune's Favour [2008]"

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