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Artist/Band: Great Big Sea
Lyrics for Song: Heart of Stone
Lyrics for Album: Fortune's Favour [2008]

If the last thing I see is your face

If the last thing I feel is your embrace

Then I would not be afraid

I would go to a happy grave

If the last thing I see is you

Should I suddenly disappear

Or linger on for 100 years

I would know no fear

I would taste no bitter tears

If the last thing I see is you

Old heart of stone, help me forget it

Old heart of stone,

do you think she meant it

Old heart of stone,

somehow I've always known

That I'd regret it

If I could have one wish

It would be that you remember this

Know that I did not stray

For you were there to guide my way

you and your beautiful face

If I should fall would you give chase

Would you follow me

Or find someone to fill my space

And keep you company

If the sun refused to shine

If it called for rain till the end of time

I would not lose faith

I'd sail my soul to a warmer place

for you and your beautiful face

Album Lyrics: Fortune's Favour [2008]

Great Big Sea
"Fortune's Favour [2008]"

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