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Artist/Band: Ugly Duckling
Lyrics for Song: I Did It Like This
Lyrics for Album: Journey To Anywhere [2001]


I did it like this

I did it like that

I did it like this

I did it like that

I did it like this

I did it like that

Now Ugly Duckling's gonna take you back

I did it like this

I did it like that

I did it like this

I did it like that

I did it like this

I did it like that

Now Andy Cooper's gonna take you back

To the planet, rock

I used to produce hip-hop

Poundin' rhythms with my hands on my school desk top

'Till my teacher would make me stop

I'd wait for recess

Then I'd beat ? at a ?? contest

At home I'd slide across my kitchen floor

Doing moonwalks

All I needed was my windbreaker and some new socks

Not to mention the extension cord adapter

To attatch a little radio that was my ghetto blaster

I remember making my first songs, no sound board

Just messin with the tape deck pressin record

And Pause

There were flaws in the tape and hiss

But now I'm an Ugly Duckling and do it like this

We take a beat in a rap

And then delete it to track

Then keep repeating it back

'Till it's completed intact

So that the people react

Out of they seat and they clap

From the petite to the fat

On every street on the map

So when my brother laughed and my dad said it was a fad

I went into my room with a pen and a pad

And wrote a little rap about my fat cat

Now I'm the cat with the phat rap

And I did it like that


When I rapped with this cat named Jafette

Doin vocals through the headphones, live to casette

Low tech

I could get out a dodge to Tahiti

When I wrote grafiti in the garage

I hide like camoflauge in my cubicle

Workin' my fingers to the cuticle

To turn the ugly beautiful

And it was undisputable

The unknown,

So we always had to fight to get the microphone

And perform in the dorm

Backyard or Gym

We've rocked the coffe shop for a crowd of ten

Just plug the tables in to any PA

Long Beach, CA

Einstein's the DJ

My motto's been bravado since the ?

But now it's ugly duckling and there's no one else to follow

Me and Andy C tag team and hand slap

Yeah I did it like this

And I did it like that


Album Lyrics: Journey To Anywhere [2001]

Ugly Duckling
"Journey To Anywhere [2001]"

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