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Artist/Band: Ugly Duckling
Lyrics for Song: Rock On Top
Lyrics for Album: Journey To Anywhere [2001]


We're gonna rock on top tonight

We're gonna rock on top tonight

We're gonna rock on top tonight

We're gonna rock on top tonight [on top of the world] (x2)

I'll take a raider saber from both end of the equator

And walk without a compass to rock the whole circumference

To keep you out your seats and reach just like a tooth-

Brush, then watch the dudes rush the DJ booth

I hold mic control with the slightest Midas touch

And keep it goin til the mornin or the mic blows up

I've been fresh

Before my first single was pressed

Four italians, but no medallions, around my neck

I keep it off my chest like a cardiac

Arrest, no heart attack from stress

Let's, keep it intact like tour dates on the map

Let me see for myself and prove the fact

That, the world ain't flat break out the welcome mat

On top of Mount Fuji eatin sushi

We ride on 747's not DC-10's

We took a two-week vacation and we'll do it again


Gonna take a trip around the globe, we're leavin tomorrow

For Guadalajara then Mount Kilamanjaro

I gotta get my passport put it in my Jansport

Headed for the airport to get on the transport

I can't wait to hit the beach in Waikiki

And fall into the romantic enchantment of the Tiki

With the chick in Indonesia to a Russian ballerina

Or the girl from Ipanema baby step in the arena

Ladies in Latin America call me Andy

And tell me that the Ugly Duckling sound is muchos grande

We also have listeners from Tokyo to Seoul

And the whole SOuth Pole where they're keepin it cold

I heard that bootleg on record in the UK

That some can't be rock on top like a toupee

Snackin on a honey-roasted peanut from the flight

Tell you what we're gonna do tonite, come on!


Rock on top

Rock on top

Rock on top

Rock on top tonight

Album Lyrics: Journey To Anywhere [2001]

Ugly Duckling
"Journey To Anywhere [2001]"

1. I Did It Like This
2. A Little Samba
3. Rock On Top