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Artist/Band: WWF Superstars
Lyrics for Song: I Don't Suck
Lyrics for Album: WWE Originals [2004]

I dont... suck I dont... suck

I dont... suck I dont... suck

I know one look is depressing to see

Cause you know you cant be

better then me

Start at the bottom, and long for

the top

I'll always be here to make

your dreams stop

I've got it all, from head to toe

Looks, brains and class you'll

never know

Second place is the best you will do

Be happy with that before I do worse to you

Envious eyes just stare at the gold

My life is on fire and your ice cold

What could you do that would ever scare me?

All of you out there, I'm the dog, you're the flea

[Rap] Anything you can do, I can do better

Even when I rap, I rap more better

It's like this body, when wrapped in leather

Perfection, and it gets no better

I rap like I wrestle, the envy of others

The only white rapper in tune with the brothers

All eyes on me, and if I was you,

best believe, I'd keep my eyes on me

Two hundred plus pounds of a body splendid

Bragadocious, oh so ferocious focused

History suspended, skills uncontended

Live at the top, attributes won't stop

Mastered the ring and the mic alike

Eloquent with words while I move cat-like

Hot....oh, I can't be stopped, and now rap meets rock

And it's time that you drop

Album Lyrics: WWE Originals [2004]

WWF Superstars
"WWE Originals [2004]"

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