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Artist/Band: WWF Superstars
Lyrics for Song: Put A Little Ass On It
Lyrics for Album: WWE Originals [2004]

This world is crazy

Holding on tight, trying hard just to keep control

Don't let go

But don't worry baby

I'll show you tonight a way to sooth your soul

C'mon baby, let's go

Oh, I know you're achin' baby

But I'm gonna hold you tight

Until you stop all this shakin'


Put a little ass on it (oh, you got to listen baby)

Put a little ass on it (feel the smooth baby)

Put a little ass on it (like a baby, like a baby)

Put a little ass on it (listen, oh listen baby)

Everybody's running, rushing to nowhere, or just running away

Losing their way, but help is coming

Gotta have faith in a better way, a brighter day

Oh I know you're lost and searchin'

But now I'm gonna show you how, to stop all this hurtin'


I know the sun ain't where it's supposed to be

I know your heart was broke, but baby believe

in me

I'm gonna show you something, thats gonna

make it better

I just need you to follow, my prescription to the letter


Album Lyrics: WWE Originals [2004]

WWF Superstars
"WWE Originals [2004]"

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