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Artist/Band: Flying Blind
Lyrics for Song: Time To Go
Lyrics for Album: Time To Go

Hello,seems I forgot your name again.

Do you still wanna be my friend?

Got an extra hand to lend.

I always seem to break when I try to bend.

Everywhere I go the wind always blows in my face.

When I try to wait you end up running late,

and it's time to go. Today funny feeling made me pray.

What I would find and lose would be the same.

You like green and I like gray.

I will remember but I'll probably forget this day.

It's simplistic, I'm eccentric,

you like English I like metric, systems collide..

then our pieces start to scatter to the opposite ends

of the room, and hide. Wait a minute I've got something

to say. You like to lie I love to lay.

So close the door as you walk away. But try to have a nice day.

Album Lyrics: Time To Go

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