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Artist/Band: Flying Blind
Lyrics for Song: Love Is Love
Lyrics for Album: Time To Go

Love is love and im not here

Whisper sorrows in your ear

Two hearts come to be as one

But one day the one is gone

Try so to run from the pain

So I will but an aeroplane

Culture club or culture shock

At 10 p.m. the doors will lock

A girlfriends picture on the wall

With sunshine hair but way to tall

Took a sharp turn way to fast

Moments that we want to last

Running out on you like that

Am I

Running out of time before you lock the door for good.

Hairstyles that we try to hide

One more chance to take a ride

When I was in junior high

Staring off into the sky

Time to lose and time to learn

Time is fire and we all burn.

Don't look now so close your eyes

Life takes on a brand new size

Landslides keep you on your toes

Don't ask why cause no one knows

Searching for the only one

Going going going gone.

Running out the door just like you said you would.

Running out of time just like you said I would.

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