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Artist/Band: Supremes
Lyrics for Song: I'm Glad About It
Lyrics for Album: Magnificent The Complete Studio Duets [2009]

(N. Ashford/V. Simpson)

I didn't even say I want you, woman

I didn't even stop to think why I survived you, woman

But you walked into my life like nobody's business

And you changed and rearranged me, you turn me around

And you didn't even ask me

Hey girl, you know you do

I didn't even think when I met you, I'll be your woman

Even only able to get through to you just like a woman

But I seemed so cleverly, somehow you got to me

And now I want you with all my heart

And though I didn't want it from the start (from the start)

I'm glad about it

Glad about it woman, woman

Oh, I'm a-glad about it

Glad about it, woman

I told you, "You were wasting your time on me, woman"

And I knew about the others waiting in line to be your woman

Yes, we were such a silly pair, couldn't see what was there

At first, I didn't know you were hanging around

But today I'm so thankful that I found (that I found)

I'm glad about it

Glad about it, woman, oh baby

I'm a-glad about it

Gald about it, woman, oh yeah

Want you to be so proud of me

I want to learn about you

So glad that He looked down on me

Showed me that I cannot live without you

I'm glad about it

Glad about it, woman, oh

I'm a-glad about it

Glad about it, woman, you know

I'm a-glad about it

Glad (sad) about it, woman, oh..

I'm a-glad about it

Glad about it, woman


Album Lyrics: Magnificent The Complete Studio Duets [2009]

"Magnificent The Complete Studio Duets [2009]"

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