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Artist/Band: Supremes
Lyrics for Song: I Had A Dream
Lyrics for Album: Magnificent The Complete Studio Duets [2009]

Oh, the night is dark and dreary

My whole body was tired and weary

As I listen to the tune of the raindrops

I can feel upon might lifting

Like a cloud I started drifting

To a hevenly city where the rainbow stop

Oh, when I heard the voice

The most glorious voice I ever heard

I have no choice

I have to listen to every word

Oh yes, I had a dream

Folks walking side by side

Blessed be the tide

Their arms are open wide

Tears of joy they cried

Coz all of God's children

We're free at last

I fell deeper in a slumber

I saw friends I knew by the number

Though the vision came clear in my head

Now there's no such thing as hunger

'Cause we need it no longer

I tossed and turned there in my bed

Oh, when I saw his face

And that heavenly phase

I saw every pain

Felt by the human race

Oh yes, I had a dream

Every street in the store

Every deed is occur

Every heart is true

Every breath was sure

'Cause all of God's children

We're free at last

And I can hear him singing

Glory, glory (glory, glory)

Glory, glory (glory, glory)

Glory, glory (glory, glory)

Glory, glory Hallelujah

Oh yes, I saw his face

And that heavenly phase

I saw all the pain

Felt by the human race

Oh yeah, I had a dream

Of folks walking hand in hand

Praising the promised land

Not one him knew a God

Nor the mother or the son

No fear in any man

No blood on any land

From the mountains of Tennessee

To the seas of Galleni

From the halls of Germany

To the shores of Tripoli

You know, I can hear freedom call

From the China walls

To the monts of Tsuma Hall

Freedom was in the air

Freedom is everywhere

Freedom (I had a dream)


Album Lyrics: Magnificent The Complete Studio Duets [2009]

"Magnificent The Complete Studio Duets [2009]"

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