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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Ghetto Ballin'
Lyrics for Album: Gameface [2001]

(feat. Lil' Romeo, Silkk the Shocker)

[Chorus x4]

Girls jock me

You cant knock me

We ghetto ballin

My real thugs got me


[Verse 1: Master P]

Love money, hate haters

10 years later, still gettin paper

Put 20's on the big wheel

It's Univeral now

Just signed a big deal

Party at the spot, come ball wit me

And if you aint a real Don

Stop calling me

It aint about what you got

Its who you are

My only bad habits are icey cars

Open up my mouth, didnt mean to blind ya

Take you to (?) just to wine and dine ya

You wanna make music girl look me up

And if your girlfriends cute boo

Hook me up, get your drank on

I got the tab, we dont speak on nuttin

That we really dont have

I told you it was a bentley

That was pickin you up

Moet and Cristal, we be mixin it up

Cuz, I'm the player made it cool to be cunt

Only run with the realest

Thats just business and money

Call me the big dog, yall the little cats

You aint a true hustler unless you lose it

And get it back

[Chorus 4x]

[Verse 2: Lil Romeo]

Ok, we dont rent or lease

We do cars(Ya heard?)

Compare us to yall whodi, dont try

I got nine houses, eight cars

Take my little sister to Mattel to get toys

I bet we have how much? Thats only mine

And that frank limo cost sixty-five

Geeez, Oooh Wee, now why little boys

wanna hate on me?

We rock Grade A (?) to cubian stones

The only thing glowing is the ice on my arm

When I hit the playground, its time to go in

I made my first million at the age of ten

I love the girls, cuz the girls love me

You cant pick up a magazine without seein me

Six Flags, or the mall where you find me at

I could buy what I want

I need a whodi check, Uh!

[Chorus 4x]

[Verse 3: Silkk]

We keep it real, we dont lie

We comin at you, look look

We dont try

So they heard I was the best in the south

She said I dont wanna be with you

I just wanna test you out"

I said Ma you gotta know fast

Look, I dont have to touch you

But tomorrow you gon' have to bail like Usher

She said, what I'm gon' do after this

I said nothin, cuz there aint nothin after sex

Look, Ma, I'm the best there aint nothin after me

TRU player for real, ask Master P

I can get you the finer things

Designer names, designer things

Talkin bout diamond rings

Hit the mall up, to armonte exchange

You with that climb the range

Look, I'm a baller Ma, just my extra game

Doctor feelgood, minus the pain

If you married, you aint gotta hide your ring

I know you get boys sometimes

Come on, try some things

If we get high in New Orleans

We can fly to Maine

Learn some new languages

We can fly to Spain

Look at what my ring say

Now thats a hell of a ring

I said, no V-P in Rome

Thats a hell of a team

And yo, I'll do us, thats a hell of a dream

And if I say so my self, No Limit

Thats a hell of a thing, Holla!

[Chorus 4x]

Album Lyrics: Gameface [2001]

Master P
"Gameface [2001]"

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