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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Back On Top
Lyrics for Album: Gameface [2001]

(feat. C-Murder, Lil' Romeo, Silkk the Shocker)


Check them haters out [x6]

What? What? What? What?

The new No Limit you heard me them round platinum tank


No limit is back on top ya'll haters can't stop us now

(Turn your Gameface represent your nameplate)

No limit is back on top ya'll haters can't stop us now

(Turn your Gameface represent your nameplate)

Criticism in the party like its H20

In the back of the club sayin bring some more

Me and my soldgiers where the party at?

Hinicy, Gin, and Juice who ordered that?

Cause ya'll got cars and we got locked

Ya'll buy houses and we buy blocks

It ain't no limit to the dough i got

The Ghetto Bill Gates in the parkin lot


Got my porkchop mixed with 2 eggs

A country tycoon with a hole lot of bread

Bentleys and Hummers we bout that there

And all my No Limit Soldgiers how you do that their?

A couple of pages left but man we got colder

6 feet 5 in the hood we break bolders

Smash supermodels cause they chicks to me

And a million dollars more is like grits to me


Always willin out but if im not willin

You can take a picture of me on the island smilin

Love for the haters but they mostly envys

More type of sheperds on lock but they mostly 20's

Play this game we suppose to win

I drive a lot of cars but they mostly bentleys

Lot of glass for cris but they mostly bottles

See me with ghetto chicks but mostly models And um...


Ya'll now we on top, but the tank ain't dropped

We be like non stop with the one spot on locked

You wanna play these games where the MVP's

So fresh, and so clean like some people in jeans UUUUUUHHHHHH

Oh Look, What, Look

We from the south where they got golds in they mouth

Barbeque's all day right in front of the house

We use slit and slang like

What's cracky man? What's happney man? We goin to a platinum man

We play ball all year its that all year

No Limit, P. Miller man that's all we wear

We run it phat soldgiers get down like that

From the club to the streets we get around like that

Sad vaper roll with dogs that will chase ya

There's love in the game but some will still rate ya

I'm the type jump a crowd and get hype

Rip in track check the source while mights


Where them ballers at shot callers at?

Cris style more wet we want all of that

Where them ballers at shot callers at?

D. D. Rimin We want all of that

No Limit run this for you?


I said No Limit run this for you?


[Chorus til fade]

Album Lyrics: Gameface [2001]

Master P
"Gameface [2001]"

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