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Artist/Band: Master P
Lyrics for Song: Bout Dat
Lyrics for Album: Greatest Hitz [2007]

[Silkk the Shocker]

Niggas hear this

I want niggas to mug niggas

Like, what you lookin at?

[Master P]

Bounce wit me, bounce wit me, bounce

When my real niggas come; flip a ounce wit me, ounce wit me

Bounce wit me, bounce wit me.. c'mon bounce

When my real niggas come; flip a ounce wit me, ounce wit me

[Chorus 2X: Master P]

Bentleys and Hummers; lil daddy, we bout dat (VROOM, VROOM)

Whodi, ice on our mouth and wrist, we bout dat (Bling! Bling!)

Block parties in the projects; souljas, we bout dat

Only guns and pretty bitches my niggas we bout dat

[Master P]

Drop platinum on the street, Ghetto D and Ghetto Postage

Homey don't touch the weed, lil whodi, and don't smoke it

Jack one of my souljas lil daddy; I doubt dat!

Get paid on the 1st & 15th, we bout dat!

A thousand fuckin grams, lil whodi, I got dat

Goin for sixteen five, you want it then holla back!

We in the project livin nigga, rollin with my boyz

Hustlin on them rocks, but we strapped wit dem toyz

You come up fakin and frontin

You get your wig split nigga

Live by the knife

Whodi die by the trigga

We be runnin dem blocks

Duckin Dodgin dem cops

Slangin tape till they pop

And we gon' ball till we drop (Ya Heard!)


[Silkk the Shocker]

All they can say is, when they see us be like, that's them bastards!

Silkk and P equals dope, come on that's simple mathematics

Niggas wanna be more, famous then rich

Now I might hang wit a chick or just, hang in the bricks

Nuttin polite, opposite of nice, gangsta shit

You ain't never seen 2 or more niggas, gangsta then dis

See we right where da block at

Right where da spot at

Right where it's hot I mean

Right where the cops at

Ball 'till we fall, never gon' stop dat

Do what we done, come on, never gon' top dat (Ha)


[Master P]

Fool kid nappin papers nigga, we bout dat

No Limit'stuntin 'n frontin lil daddy, I doubt dat

Ride me out Silkk

{Silkk's voice sound effects)

Vvvrummm! Vvvrummm!

Vvvrummm! Vvvrummm! Eeeerrrr!

Album Lyrics: Greatest Hitz [2007]

Master P
"Greatest Hitz [2007]"

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